Eurobride was founded on the forward thinking principle of providing exclusive upscale designs imported from Europe to the South African market.
Our apparel is constructed to shape women of all body-types and sizes while providing comfort and splendour.

Our collection offers a vast variety of designs ranging from simple, sophisticated and elegant to voguish, contemporary and avant-garde couture. In addition, our brides are also spoilt with the luxury of conceptualising their own visionary wedding gowns.
Our delicate and intricate designs are all hand-made from the purest fabrics found across Eastern Europe bringing a uncontested quality to our product.
Luxurious silks, delectable lace and meticulous embroidery are just some of the components which collectively tailor our unique wedding gowns.
Swarovski embellished details are used to tantalise brides with a taste for a more glamorous vision accompanied by hand-crafted beading and jewels to mould the perfect masterpiece.

Our team of trained consultants are agile, friendly and professional all while delivering an unforgettable, dynamic and insightful consultation. They conceptualise design ideas while taking into account your specifications as a bride including vision, budget and payment agreements to ensure your maximum comfort. Eurobride’s consultants understand the stresses that come with wedding planning and become a part of your wedding dress journey from the moment you walk into your appointment, until the day you collect your gorgeous gown.

Visit one of our branches and delight in this remarkable experience