Eurobride started in 2006. Since then it has become a leading competitor in the bridal couture industry. We specialize in providing exclusive designs. We import the latest wedding dresses from Europe to the South African market. Because every bride wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day we are there to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Our wedding dresses are made to fit women of all body-shapes while providing them with both comfort and elegance. Therefore, all our brides feel confident and  beautiful on their special day.

Our collections offer a variety of wedding dresses from simple to luxurious. With over 300 different styles, we accommodate many different preferences.  In addition, our brides can have a custom wedding dress made. An in-store designer is available to assist with this.

Eurobride wedding dresses are hand-made from the purest fabrics in Eastern Europe. This ensures that only the best materials are used when making our fabulous dresses. In order to create the perfect wedding dress crystal details and fine lace are also often added.

Eurobride has a passionate team of consultants who are friendly and professional. We give unforgettable, dynamic and detailed consultations. At Eurobride we provide wedding dresses while taking into account your needs as a bride. This especially includes the brides vision, budget and payment agreements to ensure maximum comfort. Our consultants understand the stresses and excitement  that come with wedding planning. We want to be part of your wedding dress journey from the moment you walk in to your appointment.

Schedule an appointment today to delight in the amazing experience of finding your dream dress. Visit <a href=”https://eurobride.co.za/bookings/”>one of our branches </a>, book online or give us a call today. We will  find your dream dress because we are the best in this industry.