FAQ about Eurobrides’ bridal gowns

Do I need to schedule an appointment and what is the consultation fee?
Booking a consultation is always preferred. First time bookings can be done online or with a simple phone call to your closest branch. Consultation is an hour and a half. Fitting/consultation fee R250  and there is no limit on number of bridal gowns you can fit.
Is there a rental option available?;
Yes, we do have a rental option on most of the bridal gowns in our collection. Subject to availability.
What is the the lead time for a wedding dress?
An average of 6 months. This also depends on the design of the dress. Since design of the gown can influence the time frame for delivery. Hens we also have an option to purchase the shop sample off the floor for brides who do not meet the deadline for their wedding dress search.
What is the price range of your bridal gowns?
Our rental prices start from R7 500 upwards and our purchase prices start from R14 500 upwards.  We therefore offer different payment plans to ease the financial strain on wedding planning.  Your consultant will discuss this with you at your appointment.
What can I expect at my consultation?
Choosing a wedding gown is a very personal process therefore it is our aim is to make sure that all our brides have a memorable experience at Eurobride. The manager will assign each bride her own private consultant and fitting room where we will identify your likes, preferences and personal style to find your dream dress.  Consultation process is typically an hour and a half long during which time your consultant will take all your requirements into account, in addition lending her professional opinion while trying on bridal gowns.
What happens if my weight changes since my first consultation?
First of all we understand that weight can fluctuate due to stress.  Eurobride therefore has professional seamstresses that can resize your gown and do all necessary changes .  These services are available at an additional cost.
How long can I keep a rental dress?
The bride can collect her bridal gown 2 days prior to the wedding and need to return it at the latest 2 days after the wedding. Should you require the dress for longer, the bride must be arranged pre-aproval with the branch manager at an additional cost.
Are alterations included in the price of the bridal gown?
Cost of the bridal gown will not include alterations. Alterations costs vary due to specific requirements. With regards to any additional haberdashery/detail  Eurobride requests that the Bride to supply us with the items at her first alteration fitting to ensure accuracy and complete client satisfaction.;
How long do alterations take?
On average alterations take as much as 14 days.
Do you do alteration fittings over the weekends?
Unfortunately not, because our alterations department is only available between 09:00 am and 17:00 pm on weekdays. We recommend that our brides avail themselves during these hours to best ensure accuracy and client satisfaction.
What should I bring to my first fitting?
Your wedding shoes are the most important thing to bring to your first alteration fitting, because that is when the seamstress will measure  the length of the gown.