Valdrin Sahiti Couture Collection

Through the years Eurobride has been known for introducing  South Africa only the best and certainly the most trendiest European designers. Finally this year we are very proud to present our South African brides to celebrity fashion and bridal designer Valdrin Sahiti.

Valdrin Sahiti is a fashion brand that has become a global couture giant. Furthermore Valdrin Sahiti wedding and evening gowns are consequently the denotation of luxury.  Bringing every woman dreams to reality. In fact, if you are looking for luxury with a touch of finesse and attention to detail, his dresses are just perfect for you. Valdrin Sahiti makes the most beautiful wedding and evening gowns.

The fabric and unique style of  bridal designer Valdrin Sahiti gown is one of it’s so many appeals. This is also a major factor in the brand’s growth as a big player in couture fashion .

The famous designer  Valdrin Sahiti has collaborated with world famous stars for probably some of the most prestigious events such as The Oscar and Grammy awards . Just to mention a few :  Fantasia Taylor, Yvonne Ojri, Bebe Rexha – also rapper and song artist Cardi B.

Another success for Valdrin Sahiti, evenmore the longtime renowned designer collaborates with so many important national and international names. Beyoncé was presented with a Sahiti gown at the 2020 pre-Grammy Gala evening.
So above all most women in the world dream of owning a Valdrin Sahiti dress .  And finally as a result of our collaboration now every South African bride also has opportunity to own one. Certainly every woman worth it.  Hence Eurobride exclusively representing most noteworthy bridal designer Valdrin Sahiti brand in South Africa.
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